The incredible English Joiner’s Bench

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This bonus material offers a look at one of your future projects- building your own woodworking bench. A workbench is every woodworkers basic tool, and every professional woodworker will eventually have their own ideas and preferences for their perfect workbench.

This video is one of a series on building a modern version of a classic joiner’s bench, a design that has been in use for over two hundred years. As part of the hands-on portion of your woodworking program, you’ll be building your own workbench along with the components described in parts two and three of Rex Kruger’s video series. Watching now will give you an understanding of where the e-VOTECH woodworking program leads you.

Rex Krueger Video – The incredible English Joiner’s Bench

The free plans Rex Kruger mentions in his video can be found at this link: “Free Plans: The Joiner’s Bench.” Rex Kruger’s YouTube channel can be found here: “Rex Kruger Craftsmanship Made Cheap and Easy.”

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