Mentor Page


Each student has an assigned mentor starting from enrollment. The Mentor will follow their assigned student at e-VOTECH until the student graduates. The role of the mentor is to act as the “Master” in a cognitive apprentice learning model1. The mentor will perform on-going assessment of their assigned student’s (“Apprentices”) training performance using a rubric. This rubric is the standard for all courses taught at e-VOTECH.

Evaluation PointDoes Not Meet Standards – 0 PointsMeets Standards – 15 PointsExceeds Standards – 20 PointsScore
Student Maintains Contact with MentorStudent does not correspond with their mentor.Student sends introduction and a short e-mail whenever they complete a unit. Student establishes a rapport with their Mentor, asking for clarification on topics and/or offering their thoughts
Student Posts to ForumsStudent does not make any attempt to post to the forums. Student makes a short post to forums at the end of each unit, no engagement with other students.Student makes repeated posts to forum topics and establishes engagement with other students.
Student Utilizes Optional Learning topicsStudent does not utilize any of the optional learning topics.Student utilizes one to two optional learning topics.Student utilizes all optional learning topics.
Student Completes Course Within Time ConstraintsStudent does not Complete Course Within Time Constraints.Student Completes Course By End of Allowed Time Constraints.Student Completes Course Under The Time Constraints.
Student Passes Final ExamStudent does not Complete their Final Exam.Student Completes Final Exam with a minimum 75% score.Student Passes Final Exam with a Score in Excess of 90%.
Final Rubric Score
Student’s Apprenticeship Rubric

The student’s Mentor will continue to work with them when the students move into the hands-on portions of their vocational training.

1. Brown, J. S., Collins, A., & Duguid, P. (1989). Situated cognition and the culture of learning. Educational Researcher, 18(1), pp. 32-42.