Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Lesson One Unit Assignment

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  1. Post a short introduction to yourself on the Woodworker’s Forum. Include the following in your introduction:
    • Your Name
    • Type of work you’ve done/are currently doing
    • What you hope to gain from a certification program in woodworking
  2. Send an email to your mentor using the “Help” email form.
    • Introduce yourself
    • Let your mentor know you’ve posted your introduction on the forum

Let’s Explore (Optional):

This lesson’s “Let’s Explore” bonus material is an 18 minute video clip on “The incredible English Joiner’s Bench.” The author presents a brief background of a simple but highly functional workbench design that has been around for hundreds of years, and shows how to build one. A link to free plans are included. Use the “Let’s Explore” icon to access this video.

As with your regular lessons, post any questions and comments in the forum.

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