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    Nft artist.
    Nowadays, there are many NFT artists, but only a few are really disrupting the sector, writing the cryptocurrency art history and revolutionizing how digital art proposed itself to the market so far.
    For this reason, The NFT Magazine has drawn up the ranking of the 20 most influential creators in the world in terms of artistic non-fungible tokens , which – since 2016 – have set a milestone for interest NFT projects the sector.
    In fact, NFTs have many applications and declinations, but this list is dedicated to cryptocurrency artists only.
    In particular, this ranking was also drawn up based on the value of sales made by each artist on different platforms and marketplaces.
    Fundamental was the analysis that involved the growth, the support, and cryptocurrency the activities linked to the community of the single artists , to the projects realized, and to the collaborations developed – an important sign of a ramification on more levels of the activities of the single artist.
    Important becomes the support of collectors, not only whales, but also of those who first believed in the projects , often next to the creators themselves, and who allowed their growth.
    Not to mention that many of the crypto artists on this list had put themselves on the line, collaborating with big players in the traditional art world that before Beeple’s big sale, they had never considered or even imagined for interest NFT projects their world.
    On this list are artists who are making history for cryptocurrency a movement and crypto wallet may make money not just and exclusively the big sales.
    These are also the top 20 artists you should watch for the future , as they are the real vanguard of this sector and, therefore, possible anticipators of future innovations.

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