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    Products that have higher concentrations of bleaching agents will provide faster results. The price of the teeth whitening kits will depend on the quality of bleaching agent used. Usually, costlier kits provide better results. However, this is not a rule.

    Sleep dentistry uses sedative agents — chemicals that act directly on the nervous system and make you sleep. The main advantage of sleep dentistry is that you will not experience any pain or anxiety during the procedure.

    Visiting your dentist’s office every few months is a great idea. As lifestyles change and ProDentim Reviews eating patterns change with time, the state of your teeth and gums may also change. Eating different kinds of food affects your teeth differently, and consulting a dentist – letting a dentist gauge the state of your teeth and gums- is important to ensure continued and future dental health.

    Another reason to go regularly is preventative action. Many problems do not become painful and obvious until they have reached an advanced stage. A dental examination and regular dental x-rays can help you and your dentists prevent major problems from occurring, saving you potential pain, a tooth extraction or a gum infection. Dentists can also prescribe ways to prevent or treat smaller problems such as mouth ulcers and occasional gum bleeding.

    You are probably wondering where all of this bacteria and decay are coming from in the first place. When a toothbrush left in the bathroom is helpless against being covered by falling germs and bacteria from-a toilet flush. That’s right, every time the toilet is flush over 750,000 germs are sprayed into the air.

    In any case, there are some low-concentration teeth whitening gels that you can use at home. But the fact that you won’t have to wait on a queue is not much reprieve, when you take into consideration that most of these teeth whitening gels take some time to start delivering results.

    Rather, high concentration teeth whitening gels may have to be used here. Those tend to be very costly, but they often prove inadequate too, making it necessary to undertake a process such as veneering, to bring about a semblance of real teeth-whitening.

    A cosmetic dentist will first work to apply a composite material onto the teeth. This is something that can look similar to enamel. The composite will be inserted onto the teeth in one of two ways. It can be moved into the cavity that is in a tooth. It can also be inserted onto the exterior part of the tooth.

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