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    To stay in shape and healthy you need to do exercises daily. Your eyes need exercises too. This is a simple but helpful exercise to strengthen your eyes muscle. Look straight ahead and imagine a figure eight in front of you about three feet from your eyes. Without moving your head, follow the outline of the eight figure. Repeat several time. Do this exercise at least four time a day to achieve better eyesight without eye glasses.

    One very common eye disorder that is being feared by man individuals is the Cataract. This is a form of eye disorder wherein there is clouding of the eye’s lens. This disorder is commonly related to our age. When we become old, our eyes will slowly degenerate and may not function properly and thus the need to wear eye glasses is a must.

    High blood pressure can cause a condition called hypertensive retinopathy which is characterized by damage to the retinal blood vessels. This can cause problems with blood supply to the eyes which in turn can cause any number of vision related problems, including in extreme cases, blindness.

    People who have square face would usually look good with oval or round eyeglass frames. The ones who have oval-shaped faces would look good in rectangular eyeglass frames.

    Your glasses in most cases do not help you enough. Eye glasses or lenses are artificial devices that only aid your eyes to see clearly but does not cure them. It is more comfortable to see things without any hassle especially when you are driving, playing outdoor games or doing heavy works. Can you still remember the first time you visited your eye doctor? Most probably they just advised you right away to get a pair of glasses?

    Studies have shown that smoking narrows the blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to the eye; smoking enhances the generation of free radicals, causing cellular damage; smoking decreases the levels of antioxidants, the element protecting against free radical damage, in the blood circulation; smoking affects the aqueous humor and the tissue surrounding the eye and retina; smoking minimizes the macular pigment that acts to protect eyes from UV and blue light damage; smoking….

    Sometimes, large company will provide consumers with more discount than other vendors. Thus, discount can also be a good signal of guarantee. Large company is equipped with the latest facilities and top staff in the industry.

    A frame that have detailed brow-line or even rimless and maybe even cat eye shaped will suit very well with this face shape. The oblong shape face is longer than it is wide, Ocutamin Reviews and has a long cheek line. To make the face appear shorter and more balanced a frame that top to bottom depth is best to add depth to the face.

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