Common Tools and Their Uses

Can you describe the difference between a stubby nail eater and dogleg reamer?

Craftsmen are only as good as their tools. While every trade has tools unique to that trade, some tools are commonly used in all trades. Knowing your tools, knowing how to use them and care for them, is at the heart of every successful career. This is an introductory course to basic tools and is a pre-requisite for all students entering any of our vocational training programs. During this course you’ll learn the proper use and maintenance of common tools. For tools requiring a cutting edge, you’ll learn some basic sharpening skills. For common power tools, you’ll learn the safety precautions needed to operate.

This course will provide students with the necessary background knowledge of tools needed to move into the next training phase of hands-on lessons.


Ron enlisted in the US Navy right after High School graduation and became an Electronics Technician. He received 20 months of vocational-level electronics training before setting foot on his first submarine, and periodic vocational-level training throughout his 22-year career. During his career, Ron gained working knowledge of a number of other specialized trades including welding and foundry work. Ron is also an avid "Do-It-Yourselfer," and to date has completely renovated three homes working together with his wife Weifang. He has a background in carpentry, furniture making, plumbing, and electrical work, as well as electronics.