Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Lesson Four Unit Assignment

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  1. This topic presented some samples of exotic woods you may work with one day. While these woods have exotic colors and grain patterns they may be expensive, difficult to obtain, and their properties such as hardness and rot resistance may not be suitable for a specific project.
  2. In the forums, post your reflections on how you would advise a client in choosing an appropriate wood for a given project.
  3. Let your mentor know when you’ve posted in the forums.

Let’s Explore (Optional):

This topic’s “Let’s Explore” bonus material is a video demonstrating the densities of a number of exotic woods using the “Float Test” method.

You may also want to read Chapter Two of the course reference “Wood Handbook Wood as an Engineering Material,” published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forestry Service. This chapter covers the properties and characteristics of a number of commercially important woods.

If you explore these optional resources post your reflections in the forums, and let your Mentor know you’ve posted.

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