Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Beautiful Wood: A Primer

Lesson Three Unit Assignment

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  1. This topic covered some of the main properties of wood. In the forums, post your reflections on how you would best employ these properties in the following types of woodworking:
    • Custom Cabinetry for a High-End Kitchen
    • Construction Framing For a House
    • Wood-Turning a Bowl as Art  an Piece
  2. Let your mentor know when you’ve posted in the forums.

Let’s Explore (Optional):

This topic’s “Let’s Explore” bonus material is a video tutorial offering tips on identification of woods as lumber stock.

You may also want to read Chapter Five of the course reference “Wood Handbook Wood as an Engineering Material,” published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forestry Service. This chapter will provide more in-depth understanding of Mechanical Properties of Wood.

If you explore these optional resources post your reflections in the forums, and let your Mentor know you’ve posted.

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